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Photocopiable resources designed specifically for Inspiration

Written by practising teachers from all over Europe, the Inspiration Builder offers huge amounts of photocopiable material that practises and consolidates the language skills covered in the Inspiration course. We’re offering samples of the material below for you to see just how great it really is!

Inspiration 1Silent Letter Maze

Activity: Silent letter word maze
Aim: To get from one side of the graveyard to the other by stepping on the stones with silent letters
Interaction: Pairs
Language focus: Words containing silent letters
Skills focus: Speaking, listening
When to use: After Unit 4 Lesson 3
Time: 15 minutes


Inspiration 2:   A romantic story

Activity: Predicting the end of a story
Aim: To predict the end of a story
Interaction: Pairs
Language focus: I’m sure, I hope, I think; will/won’t
Skills focus: Reading, speaking
When to use: After Unit 4 Lesson 2
Time: 25-30 minutes


Inspiration 3Getting ready to go

Activity: Information gap
Aim: To ask and answer questions about what has and hasn’t been done in preparation for a driving tour
of the USA
Interaction: Pairs
Language focus: Present perfect with already, just and yet
Skills focus: Speaking, listening
When to use: After Unit 5 Lesson 1
Time: 30 minutes


Inspiration 4:  Verb families

Activity: Card game
Aim: To revise verb forms by playing a card game
Interaction: Groups
Language focus: Review of verb forms
Skills focus: Speaking
When to use: After Unit 2 Lesson 3
Time: 15 minutes