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A complete four-level course for teenagers

Inspiration is a lively four-level course designed to take teenagers from beginner to intermediate level. Packed with activities, Inspiration strikes the perfect balance between teaching the grammar points and practising the target language in a communicative context.

Inspiration is a course that ‘grows’ with its students because we understand that a 13 year old lives in a different world to a 16 year old.

What’s special?

  • Find out more about Inspiration Extra! sections
  • Check out the Culture sections to build cross-cultural awareness
  • Discover the topic-led syllabus with integrated grammar, pronunciation and lexical skills
  • Encourage learner autonomy with specific learner independence activities
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Inspiration resources

From portfolios to webquests to grammar worksheets, teachers can find the perfect addition to their Inspiration lessons with our selection of free downloadable resources.

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