A letter from the authors…

“Hello and welcome to New Inspiration!

We’ve been listening to teachers and students who have used (and loved) Inspiration. Their feedback has helped shape this new edition, which offers lots of exciting new texts and a more content-based approach, fostering the development of critical-thinking skills. There’s a fresh look at language presentation and practice, with more opportunities for learners to express their own opinions. New features include Unit Previews to help students focus on what lies ahead, and Language Links sections which invite students to reflect on language use and plurilingualism.

But we haven’t thrown the baby out with the bathwater! The characteristic features of Inspiration remain – texts and tasks that engage both the learner’s thoughts and emotions, a focus on the development of learner independence and the four skills, and a clear framework for grammatical and lexical progress.

Inspire your learners with New Inspiration!

Happy teaching and learning!”

Judy Garton-Sprenger and Philip Prowse


  • Judy Garton-Sprenger

    Judy Garton-Sprenger has a wide range of experience in English Language Teaching through working as a teacher/teacher trainer, as a writer and as an actor. With a degree in European Studies and a diploma in TEFLA, she joined International House in London, where teaching led to teacher training and to her first ELT writing project. She was also invited to join the English Teaching Theatre, with whom she toured Europe, Latin America, Japan, the Middle East and West Africa over a period of 14 years.

    During that time she became freelance, and has since then been a full-time teacher trainer and writer. She has spoken at conferences and led seminars for teachers in Latin America, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, including work for the British Council, the Soros Foundation and universities throughout Britain. Meanwhile she has written numerous coursebooks for adult, secondary and primary students. She has also been a Cambridge ESOL examiner, item-writer and syllabus consultant, and written radio scripts for BBC English.
    Judy co-wrote Inspiration, New Inspiration, American Inspiration, Shine and American Shine.

  • Philip Prowse

    Philip Prowse began his professional life with the British Council, for whom he taught and trained teachers in Egypt, Portugal, Greece and Poland.

    Returning to the UK, he became the principal of a large residential language school where he was responsible for a wide range of teacher-training courses, as well as language courses for teenagers and adults. He has been writing throughout his career, and has been a full-time writer and trainer for the last fifteen years. Something he has always greatly enjoyed has been the opportunity to spend time in classrooms in different parts of the world, and it is from teachers and students that the inspiration to write comes.

    He has been a regular speaker at conferences and has run teacher-training courses in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Philip’s publications include a number of Macmillan Readers, three integrated skills series (as series editor), Accelerate, Shine and Inspiration (with Judy Garton-Sprenger), several adult coursebooks, and articles in professional journals. In his spare time (!) he is also Reviews Editor of English Language Teaching Journal.