Onestopenglish links

The Onestopenglish mapping documents provide links to Onestopenglish resources that have been mapped against each unit of Inspired. These offer additional practice ideas for use in the classroom that are relevant to the language and the topics covered in each unit.

Many of the resources are completely free, while others form part of the onestopenglish staffroom and they require an active subscription. Joining only takes a couple of moments and is great value, as it will also give you access to the entire onestopenglish database of over 7,000 resources!

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Inspired Level 1

Inspired Level 1 – OSE Mapping Document

Inspired Level 2

Inspired Level 2 – OSE Mapping Document

Inspired Level 3

Inspired Level 3 – OSE Mapping Document

Inspired Level 4

Inspired Level 4 – OSE Mapping Document