Inspired Practice Online

Inspired Practice Online is an online practice environment for students using Inspired. Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, supplementary practice online has never been easier, more flexible or more affordable.

Designed to support the Inspired series of coursebooks for teenagers, these online courses offer resources for learners from beginner to a high intermediate level. This series evolves with students and reflects their changing needs and interests.

Each level offers resources divided into eight units mirroring the Student’s book syllabus. Each unit provides online activities, including self-assessment sections and exam practice, as well as resources focusing on listening, reading, pronunciation and vocabulary. There is also grammar support and a language focus in each unit.

Key features

  • Eight interactive units mirror the units in the Student’s Books
  • Progress checks in each course
  • Resources are comprized of language, grammar, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation practice and web projects
  • Interactive activities such as drag and drop, reorder the sentences, multiple-choice and many others…
  • Games and fun language exercises keep students interested and motivated
  • Bespoke material for Inspired aligns with the particular topics and cross-curricular material in each level