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Inspired is an exciting four-level American English course written specially for teens. This unique series evolves with students, and reflects their changing needs and interests. Cross-curricular topics and cultural content inspire students to develop critical thinking and express their own opinions, whilst developing the key skills.

Key features

  • Rich in cross-curricular and cultural content
  • A task-based approach encourages students to draw on their personal reactions to topics and texts
  • A structured approach to skills with fully integrated reading, writing, listening, and speaking development
  • ‘Your response’ for personalization and critical thinking
  • Grammar presented through engaging texts and dialogues, providing realistic contexts for the language
  • Vocabulary organized by topic, with a focus on vocabulary-learning strategies
  • Inspired EXTRA! provides extension exercises for mixed-ability classes
  • An emphasis on learner independence, study skills, and self assessment

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Inspired Practice Online

Want an online practice environment for students using Inspired? Accessible anywhere with an internet connection, extra practice has never been easier, more flexible or more affordable. Check it out!

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Meet the Inspired authors

Inspired has been written by Philip Prowse and Judy Garton-Sprenger, both of whom have a wealth of English language teaching experience and knowledge.

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